Information about COVID-19 Vaccinations(多言語対応)

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If you are applying by proxy, a letter of attorney a copy of the proxy's identification document are required.
For details, please refer to Application Form 6 and 7.

Notice: Vaccinations against COVID-19

Please check the following PDF file for the coronavirus vaccination notice (foreign languages).

Process for Receiving the Vaccine
Receive a vaccination coupon

Coupons (vaccination tickets) were issued to people aged between 12 and 64 who have a certificate of residence in Shibuya City by June 30. For residents who turn 12 years old on July 9 or after, coupons will be issued each month to those turning 12 that month.
【Note】Instructions for receiving the vaccine and a preliminary medical questionnaire will be included with the coupon.

例:接種券(PDF 242KB)
Example:Coupons (vaccination tickets) (PDF 242KB)

Check vaccination facilities

Vaccines are offered at individual medical institutions and mass vaccination sites. Please check the following PDF file and sites to find a vaccination facility.
【Note】The list of facilities below is current as of September 1.

The list of vaccination facilities(PDF265KB) 

Make a vaccination appointment

All inhabitants over 12 years old can make  a vaccination appointment.
Please call the Shibuya City COVID-19 Vaccine Call Center to make a vaccination appointment(Tel:0120-045-405).
Appointments can be made online. For details, please inquire with the Shibuya City COVID-19 Vaccine Call Center.

The vaccination appointmen site(outside side)

Receive the vaccine (free of charge)

Before your appointment, carefully read the vaccination instructions enclosed with the coupon (vaccination ticket) and fill out the preliminary medical questionnaire.Employees of nursing home facilities, etc. require a certificate issued by the facility.
【Parts to fill out】 Vaccine recipient’s information (excluding body temperature), question items.
【What to bring】 Coupon,  Identity verification documents (driver's license, health insurance card, etc.), preliminary medical questionnaire. 

Vaccination for under 16 years old

parents(guardians) are requested to accompany those under 16 years old at the time of vaccination in principal.
If vaccine recipients are -junior high school students or older, they do not need to be accompanied if confirmed the consent of their guardians at the reception on the inoculation day.-
【Note】Elementary school students must be accompanied by their guardians.

If you have side effects after COVID-19 vaccination

If you do not feel well after COVID-19 vaccination, please contact the following number:
For more information, please refer to the website of “Bureau of Social Welfare and Public Health, Tokyo Metropolitan Government”.

Vaccination Certificate of COVID-19” for overseas travel (vaccine passport)

Shibuya City Office will issue a record of COVID-19 vaccination received in Japanese municipalities upon application by the vaccinated person.

  • This certificate is a different document from the “Certificate of Vaccination for COVID-19” attached to the vaccination coupon.The certificate will not be issued for domestic travel within Japan.
  • The “Vaccination Certificate of COVID-19” (vaccine passport) is simply a document issued by the City. Permission to enter the destination country and the easing or exemption of infection control measures are at the discretion of the destination country. Your understanding is much appreciated.For specific information on which countries and regions accept the certificate, as well as which measures may be eased or exempted, please refer to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan’s website.

Who is eligible

Persons traveling overseas to a foreign country.

How to apply

Please apply by mail, enclosing the required documents
【Note】Please be reminded that applications are not accepted at branch offices or City Residents Services Center.

Send application to


Charge of COVID-19 Vaccines Shibuya Public Health Center, Shibuya City Office main building 7F, (following section not required) 150-8010

Method of issuance

Paper document delivered by mail.


  • Documents cannot be issued on the day at the counter.
  • Certificates will be issued within about five working days from the date we receive the application documents. (However, it may take longer depending on the volume of applications received.)
  • As it is assumed that a vaccination certificate will not be submitted but only be shown at the destination country basically, in principle, only one vaccination certificate will be issued per application.

Required documents

  1. Application Form for Vaccination Certificate of COVID-19 【Note】
    ・Available to download from this website
    ・We may contact the applicant if there are any documents missing in the application. Please be sure to include the applicant’s contact information.
  2. Copy of passport (must be valid)
    The passport holder’s full name, date of expiry, and passport number will be checked.
    If you fill in your maiden name, different surname, or alias on the application form, please attach a document that confirms those names. (e.g. driver’s license, copy of family register or resident card, etc.)
    【Note】No attachment necessary if the maiden name, different surname or alias are printed in Roman letters and can be identified on your passport.

  3. Copy of the Certificate of Vaccination for COVID-19 or Record of Vaccination for COVID-19
    If the vaccination certificate does not have your name as on your passport, please attach a document that confirms the correspondence between your name on the passport and your alias.

  4. A copy of your identity verification document with the address to which you would like the certificate to be sent (such as residence card, driver's license, etc.)
    【Note】If you wish to have the certificate sent to the address other than the one shown on the identification document, please attach a copy of the document that confirms the applicant’s residence, work, etc.
  5. Return envelope (addressed to the applicant and affixed with the appropriate postage)
    【Note】If you want the certificate to be sent to the address different from your registered one, please provide a reason and attach a copy of a document (business card, etc.) that confirms the receiver lives or works there.

Application by representative on behalf of applicant

  1. A letter of attorney format(WORD 28KB)
    A letter of attorney and identity verification documents are required when authorizing a representative to submit the application on your behalf. A letter of attorney format is available for download on this website.
  2. A copy of the identity verification document of the proxy (a copy of the identity verification document with the return address when applied and received both by the proxy)
【Note】If you wish to have the certificate sent to the address other than the address stated on the identification document, please attach a copy of the document that proves the residence or work, etc. of the representative or the inoculated person.

Point to Note

About inoculation abroad

The Vaccination Certificate of COVID-19 cannot be issued for those who received vaccinations outside Japan ( not vaccinated under the Japanese Vaccination Law)

About the municipality to apply 

An application for the Vaccination Certificate should be submitted to each municipality where the vaccination vouchers were issued and used if you move to a different municipality after the first dose.

【Example】You received vaccination at two different municipalities; for example, if you were vaccinated in Nakano first and then moved to Shibuya where you had the second vaccination, please apply to Nakano City Office and Shibuya City Office for the certificate respectively.
【Note】If you had vaccination at a large-scale Vaccination Centre or at your workplace, please apply to the municipality where you had residency at the time of vaccination.

Vaccination Appointments and Inquiries

Shibuya City COVID-19 Vaccine Call Center(Tel:0120-045-405
【Opening hours】8:30-18:00 (Weekdays, Weekends, and Holidays)
【Available in the following languages】English・Korean・Spanish・Vietnamese・Tagalog・Chinese・Portuguese・Nepalese・Burmese