Public Facilities

Public Facilities in Shibuya

Tokyo Metropolitan Children's Hall

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Shibuya 1-18-24 Phone: 03-3409-6361
Metropolitan Tokyo's large scale public children's hall where children can play independently.

Tokyo Women's Plaza

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Jingumae 5-53-67 Phone: 03-5467-1711
Action center of rich and peaceful environment to promote sexually equal society.

UN University (UN House)

Jingumae 5-53-70 Phone: 03-3499-2811
UN University is the only UN facility in Japan where Science and Knowledge meets beyond boundaries to bring new research facility.

National Yoyogi Stadium

Jinnan 2-1-1 Phone: 03-3468-1176〜7 This stadium was used for swimming and basketball meets during the Tokyo Olympics.
Note: This indoor swimming pool opens only for the registered groups and women's swimming lessons. For more information, please contact National Yoyogi Stadium.

Oda Fields

Jinnan 2-3 Phone: 03-3469-6081 (Metropolitan Yoyogi Park)
The field was used as a training field during the Tokyo Olympics. The Field was named after the famous track athlete, known as god of tracks, Mikio Oda (honorary citizen of Shibuya).

National Olympic Memorial Youth Center

Yoyogi Kamizonocho 3-1 Phone: 03-3467-7201
National Facility for youth to use its sports, educational, meeting rooms and lodging facilities.

Tokyo International Center

Nishihara 2-49-5 Phone: 03-3485-7051
Invites visitors to stay and do training in Japan.

Yoyohata Crematory

Nishihara 2-42-1 Phone: 03-3466-1006
This Crematory has been in this location from 1664.

Fire Academy

Nishihara 2-51-1 Phone: 03-3466-1511
Training Center for the new graduates and for advanced technical and professional improvements.

Tokyo Gymnasium

Sendagaya 1-17-1 Phone: 03-5474-2111
Outstanding metalic roof characterises the arena where many events are held. Indoor Pool is also available.