City Crest, Flower and Tree


crestEnacted on October 1, 1956, to commemorate city's 25th Anniversary
The design comes from the kanji character "Shibu" of "Shibuya."

Flower and Tree

Shibuya City cherishes trees and flowers. On October 2, 1978, the City designated the iris and zelkova as the city flower and tree, respectively, symbolizing its effort to cover the town with rich greenery.


IrisThe iris is a perennial plant of the blue flag family. Many varieties of iris have long been cultivated in Japan for garden decoration. They can be seen in beautiful selection of colors, including white, reddish-purple and dark blue with red stripes. The Inner Garden of the Meiji Jingu Shrine is particularly famous for its more than 10,000 flowers that bloom from 1,500 plants of 150 varieties. The peak season is from late May to June.


zelkovaThe zelkova tree is a member of the elm family. These stately trees, planted throughout the Kanto region to provide protection against gusty winds, serve as a reminder of the past when the area was called the 'Musashino Plain.' Zelkova trees can be seen along Omotesando Avenue and in Yoyogi Park. We can enjoy all seasons - the spring sprouts, the summer deep greens, the rich autumn colors and the bare winter branches.