International Relations with Uskudar Istanbul Turkey

History Leading Up to the Friendship Alliance Agreement with Uskudar, Istanbul, Republic of Turkey

Friendship Alliance Agreement

Friendship Alliance Agreement Photo after signing the Friendship Alliance Agreement Shibuya City and Municipality of Uskudar, Istanbul, Republic of Turkey, have signed "Friendship Alliance Agreement."
Both municipalities, sharing the same wish, promoting their friendships, and now aiming for both citizens to have continuing cultural exchanges, have signed this agreement on the 5th of September, 2005.

How did we come to sign this agreement?

Shibuya City and the Republic of Turkey has a long history of relationship. In 1937, a school for Turkish children was established in Oyamacho, Shibuya. On the same site, with the support from the Republic of Turkey, Tokyo Camii, the largest Islamic mosque in Japan of its kind, stands and is enjoyed by its community.
Also in 1978, the Embassy of the Republic of Turkey moved to Shibuya, Jingumae. The relationship with Shibuya City has continued to grow and expand. These have led to the signing of Friendship Alliance Agreement.

History of Friendship

Shibuya-Turkey Monument in Commemoration of Friendship, at Shibuya City Office The events "2003 Year of Turkey in Japan" led to a much closer interest for the Republic of Turkey by the Shibuya citizens. With the kind invitation from the Ambassador of the Republic of Turkey, in September 2004, a delegation mainly represented by the Shibuya City Assembly, visited and studied the possibility of Friendship Alliance. Our citizens represented by "Shibuya-Turkey Friendship Association" visited Turkey in June 2005.

Mayor Kuwahara and Mayor Cakir of Uskudar In such friendly environment, the Mayor and the delegation from Uskudar, Istanbul, visited Shibuya in May 2005. The delegation strongly insisted our Mayor to visit Uskudar. To understand the Islamic culture and to contribute to peaceful and international society, the members of Shibuya City Assembly decided to revisit Uskudar in order to sign the Friendship Alliance Agreement.

Shibuya-Turkey Friendship Association Goodwill Visit to TurkeyOur Mayor, with the Assembly's decision, organized a delegation of 5 Assembly members represented by Chairperson and 4 representatives of political parties to promote "Friendship Alliance Agreement with Uskudar and intercultural exchanges with the Republic of Turkey."

Currently, we are adjusting with the Municipality of Uskudar, to sort out the ways to lay the foundation in order for both citizens, including the "Shibuya-Turkey Friendship Association" and City Assembly, to have a long-lasting stable exchanges. We are planning: the cultural exchanges by our youths who will be our leaders of the next generation; information exchanges in disaster prevention management, welfare, educational programs which are issues relating to both municipalities. We hope these programs will lead to assisting each other to solve mutual issues.

  • 1937 (Showa 12)
    Establishment of Turkish school in Oyamacho, Shibuya as the educational facility for the children of refugees of the Russian Revolution
  • 1938 (Showa 13)
    Establishment of first Islamic Mosque, Tokyo Islamic Institute, built with the support from the Japanese government in Oyamacho
  • 1978 (Showa 53)
    The Embassy of the Republic of Turkey was built at 2-33-6 Jingumae
  • 1997 (Heisei 9)
    Establishment of "Fund for Tokyo Camii" with the Director General of the Office of Religion, Republic of Turkey, as its President
  • 1998 (Heisei 10)June 30
    The construction of Tokyo Camii started(1-9 Oyamacho, Shibuya)
  • 2000 (Heisei 12)
    Completion of Tokyo Camii
  • 2003 (Heisei 15)February
    H.E. Mrs. Solmaz Unaydin, the Amabassador of Republic of Turkey in Japan gave lecture on"Gathering to Pray for Peace" sponsored by Shibuya City
  • 2003 February 12 to 23
    International Cartoon Contest Exhibition at Shoto Museum(Aydin Dogan Foundation)
    (Commemorative Event of "2003 Year of Turkey in Japan")
  • 2003 February 24 & 25
    Turkish Folklore Show at Shibuya Public Hall, Opening Event of Year of Turkey "Turkey - Music of the Evening Star" (Turkish Ministry of Culture)
  • 2003 March 4 to 16
    Exhibition of Iznik Tiles & Paintings, Turkish Paintings, Shoto Museum(Collection of the Turkish Central Bank)
  • 2003 September 23 to October 5
    Exhibition of Turkish Traditional Handcrafts and Iznic Tiles(Turkish Ministry of Culture)
  • 2003 October 18
    Opening of the Iznik Tiles Monument Shibuya-Turkey Monument of Goodwill to Japan, Park in front of Shibuya City Office (Republic of Turkey)
    (Iznik Tile Monument)
    The Mehter Military Brass Band Parade (Omotesando Avenue to Shibuya City Office)(Republic of Turkey)
  • 2004 (Heisei 16)February 18 & 19
    "Peace Wishing Charity Concert" at Shibuya Public Hall by Bilkent Symphony Orchestra (Republic of Turkey)
  • 2004 June 28
    Establishment of Shibuya-Turkey Friendship Association
  • 2004 September 5 to 12
    Overseas Mission of the Shibuya City Assembly Members and City Officers to the Republic of Turkey to investigate the possibility of Friendship Alliance(Usukudar of Istanbul City, Ankara and Ismir Cities)
  • 2005 (Heisei 17)May 29 to June 3
    Visit by the delegation of 10 officers headed by the Mayor of Uskudar, Istanbul
  • 2005 June 21 to 28
    28 Members of Shibuya-Turkey Friendship Association paid courtesy visit to Uskudar
  • 2005 September 4 to 11
    The Friendship Alliance Delegation of 9 officers headed by the Mayor and the Chairperson of Shibuya City Assembly visited Uskudar and signed the Alliance Agreement.(Signed on September 5, 2005)

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