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City Event Calendar 2008

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  • Shibuya City Lecture & Seminars
    (Info of lectures and seminars organized by Shibuya Board of Education. The topics include international relations. Events are also listed.)
  • JICA Tokyo Events
    (Info on events and programs held at JICA Tokyo International Center located in Nishihara, Shibuya-ku)
  • Maison Franco-Japonaise
    (Scheduled events and programs at Maison Franco-Japonaise located in Ebisu)
  • UN University
    (Scheduled events and seminars at UN University located in Jingumae)
  • Shibuya Unesco Association
    (Courses offered on international understanding and event schedule by Shibuya Unesco Association)

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Shibuya Kumin-no-Hiroba Shibuya Festival will be held on 3rd and 4th (Friday & Saturday) of November this year!

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March 16 St. Patrick's Day Parade Tokyo

There will be a big parade on the Omotesando Avenue to celebrate Irish Festival, St. Patrick's Day.

St.Patricks Day Parade photo

  • Date
    March 16, 2008 (Sunday)
  • Expected Hours
    2-4 pm
  • Place
    Omotesando Avenue
  • Organizer
    Irish Network Japan Tokyo Parade Organizing Committee For details, please access Irish Network Japan.


No listed events


Thai Festival 2008

Becoming more and more popular each year - Thai Festival introduces Thai culture, cuisine, goods and dances.

  • Dates
    May 10 - 11, 2008 (Saturday & Sunday)
  • Place
    Yoyogi Park
  • Organizer
    Royal Thai Embassy Tokyo
    For details, please accessRoyal Thai Embassy Tokyo.

11th Shibuya-Kagoshima Ohara Festival

Kagoshima's "Ohara Dance" Parade will bring excitement to Shibuya.

  • Dates and Time
    May 17 - 18, 2008 (Saturday & Sunday)
    May 18, Sunday Big dancing parade 13:00 start
  • Place
    Shibuya Dogenzaka & Bunkamura Streets, and others
  • Organizer
    Shibuya-Kagoshima Ohara Festival Steering Committee
    For details, please access Shibuya-Kagoshima Ohara Festival


Short Short Film Festival 2008

Unique short film festival held and centered around Harajuku area

  • Dates
    June 5 (Thu) - 15 (Thu), 2008
  • Place
    La Foret Museum, Harajuku
  • Organizer
    Short Shorts Steering Committee
    For details, please access Short Shorts Steering Committee


No event listed at this moment. Will be up-dated when available.


No event listed at this moment. Will be up-dated when available.


Sri Lanka Festival 2008

Theme of the event is "Together with the Nature of Sri Lanka." Many performances of Sri Lankan music, dances and fashion shows and Food Show will be held.

  • Dates
    September 13 (Sat) - 14 (Sun), 2008
  • Place
    Yoyogi Park
  • Organizer
    Embassy of the Sri Lanka TEL:03-3440-6911


No event listed at this moment. Will be up-dated when available.


31th Shibuya Festival - Hometown Shibuya Festival 2008

Festival for the residents - Affiliated embassies, towns, cities and organizations will join to have fun through performances, displays and stalls.

  • Dates
    November 2 (Sunday) and 3 (Monday, National Holiday) 2008
  • Place
    Yoyogi Park Event Square and around


No event listed at this moment. Will be up-dated when available.

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