Greetings from the Mayor of Shibuya

Ken Hasebe Welcome to the Shibuya City website.

Shibuya City has grown to be a major cultural and artistic center while retaining many green areas that are enjoyed by our residents and visitors alike. Many embassies and diplomatic offices are located here and over 11,000 non-Japanese are registered as our residents.

In October 2002, the City declared its vision in the 21st century as "Shibuya Peace International City" and hopes to further develop with this as its focus.

This homepage introduces our city, its basic administrative services and the local facilities of interest to your daily needs. The bi-monthly bulletin "City News SHIBUYA", will be updated here in order for you access more information on most current issues and local events with seasonal flavors.

I sincerely hope that you will often visit this site and make your stay in Shibuya most satisfying.