July 1, 2016 (No.144)

City News SHIBUYA is an English-language bulletin issued every second month on the first day of the month.
City News SHIBUYA is available over the Internet as a PDF file.

P1(PDF 171KB)

  • Enjoy Local Summer Festivals
    and Events Together!
  • Population of the City

P2(PDF 513KB)

  • Youth Facilities
    Discover Places to Play, Learn and Experience Together
  • National Health Insurance (NHI) Information
  • Senior Citizens’ Medical Care Program

P3(PDF 41KB)

  • Resident’s Taxes Provide Support in Daily Life
  • Join Introductory Classes for Mothers and Fathers

P4(PDF 77KB)

  • Some Timely Announcements from the Shoto Museum of Art
  • Japanese Lessons
  • Library Announcements