March 1, 2016 (No.142)

City News SHIBUYA is an English-language bulletin issued every second month on the first day of the month.
City News SHIBUYA is available over the Internet as a PDF file.

P1(PDF 108KB)

  • Notifications to File When Moving
  • Population of the City

P2(PDF 42KB)

  • Have You Filed Your Tax Returns?

P3(PDF 564KB)

  • Rabies Vaccinations and Pet Dog Licenses
  • Traffic Restrictions during the Shibuya to Omotesando Women’s Run
  • The Ninodaira Shibuya-so and Kawazu Sakura-no-Sato Shibuya Resident Resorts Are Ready for Use

P4(PDF 75KB)

  • Some Timely Announcements from the Shoto Museum of Art
  • Join Introductory Classes for Mothers and Fathers
  • Japanese Lessons
  • Message Corner
  • Library Announcements